Die Fledermaus, Opera Holland Park Copyright Robert Workman

Die Fledermaus, Opera Holland Park Copyright Robert Workman





"Before the end of the service, there was a spectacular rendition of the Italia 90 World Cup theme Nessun Dorma by tenor Peter Davoren"

Steve Stammers, Daily Mail 2018


"Tenor Peter Davoren, as Gerontius, had soul and was a strong musical anchor to mezzo-soprano Hannah Mason as The Angel and Bass, Keel Watson as The Priest and The Angel of the Agony"

Phil Hopkins, The Yorkshire Times 2017


"The Christmas narrative of baby, manger, shepherds, wise men etc was delivered with propulsive energy by tenor Peter Davoren, whose words seemed to take flight as they brought the familiar bible story to life"

William Ruff, Nottingham Post 2016


"Peter Davoren is the seedy, handsome-sounding Alfred" 

Tim Ashley, The Guardian 2016


"Peter Davoren managed to make the annoying character of the Italian tenor Alfred be delightfully charming"

Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill 2016


"Much of the piece rests on the role of the Evangelist -- here the superbly artistic Peter Davoren who colours his voice impeccably to suit the various instances in the telling of the Christmas story"

Pat O'Kelly, Irish Independent 2013


"Andrew Tortise's supple and thrilling tenor was echoed from up in the gallery by Peter Davoren, who himself had given a moving Nigra sum earlier; their impassioned duetting from opposite sides of the hall in the final Magnificat was possibly the highlight of the evening for me."

Adrian Horsewood, Music OMH 2010

"Peter Davoren is possessed of a fine lyrical voice, not too heavy, and with a fine musical mind. His breathing was exemplary, and he could deliver the longest of phrases without having to cut up the musical line"

Bob Briggs, Musical Pointers 2010


"Tenor Peter Davoren’s already-impressive oratorio track record was no surprise, given the warmth of his bel canto sound and his instant rapport with the audience"

Michael Church, Independent 2010